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Client / Private Preparatory School


Private Preparatory School (Client’s name protected)

Web and Brand Strategy Analysis

Facing declining enrollment and increased competition, the nearly 100-year-old school needed a fresh brand positioning for its core product as well as a new brand placement strategy for its new educational offerings. In addition, it was agreed that for both cost savings and efficiency, the client’s Web site was in grave need of a design and optimization overhaul.

Internal friction between old and new faculty and administration members revealed the need for an extensive SWOT analysis to determine direction for the existing brand and any new extensions. These changes needed support and buy-in from the majority of vested insiders while also successfully targeting new students and their parents. In addition to the determination of internal opinions; a SWOT was performed with parents, alumni and current students to ascertain the strengths that the school could market to a new audience and the weaknesses of facilities and faculty that needed to be addressed in order to stem a declining student base. Lastly, once a SWOT analysis was submitted, a search of competitive of military and private schools was performed to better plan a Web site redesign and SEO / SEM campaign that would address competition by beating them in search results, and address why the client’s school was better in key categories of academics, disciplinary training, athletics, extracurricular activities and advancement in the armed forces.

SWOT analysis revealed deep dissension among faculty, parents and alumni as well as concern among students that the military and academic experiences were declining. Recommendations were made to the President and board of directors to improve facilities, upgrade technology, establish and encourage more communication between internal and external factions. A new Web design and SEO/SEM plan was developed and submitted to facilitate the launch of the new brand offerings and to reposition the existing brand for more positive recognition as well as to manage negative reviews and postings on the Internet. DLG did not design the final Web site.

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